Julie Machallová


  • University of Ostrava, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Painting, a painting studio of Prof. Daniel Balabán academic painter
  • Escuela de Arte de Sevilla, Spain, Department of Mosaic, Mural techniques and Enamelled Jewelry
  • University of Ostrava, Faculty of Education, Art Education
  • Art Highschool Ostrava,  Department of Painting




I work with architecture, nature and figures. The architecture is known as Farnswort House, Villa Tugendhat, Barcelona pavilion etc. I work with the concept that villas were for normal living and are now like a museum for visitors.

The paintings are like scenes in a movie, a quiet moment and narrative.

Jaroslav Michna (art critic and curator and curator Gallery of Fine Art Ostrava)

The environment plays an essential role in Julie’s paintings, the scenery in which the figure is set. For the most part, they are made up of monumental scenes that fill the background, and it does not matter whether they are urban or natural landscapes. They encode the feeling of being in humble relation to a transcending entity. Julie likes to stop time in paintings.

Certainly, for Julie Machallova’s painterly thinking, the common theme is one of uncompromising solitude. The visual action actor is burdened by our attention, voyeurically observed, grappling with something serious. But the severity is not demonstrated by a radical dynamic gesture; on the contrary, the figures are mostly calm and static. Julie likes to stop time in paintings.